Sitting all day, what is happening to my body?


Sitting too long is not healthy, but we all do it repeatedly day after day. To help with aches and pains get up and move around every hour if possible or every 90mins for sure. Basically, your body needs to move- often to work optimally, otherwise we tend to slouch, lean, tense our shoulders and stay in unnatural positions for long periods of time. This leads to a lot of aches and pains and the way your body processes sugars, and hormone functions to mention just a few. Get up and walk around often for a few minutes at least. Standing desks are a nice option if your company offers it, ask if they would consider it. When you sit less and work on strengthening the right muscles are key. Targeting your core muscles helps maintain proper sitting posture. Try these little things that make a big difference. Have a great work day and move around to help with many issues that otherwise cause ill effects that can be avoided by simple movement through out the work day.

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